You Are Awake!

Welcome to Awake-in-Life! We are a community dedicated to living a life knowing and manifesting awakeness.

We are glad you are here! Connect with us through our offerings below.

Accessing Bodhicitta

Accessing Bodhicitta

Guidance & Support

You want to feel and live more fully present & with ease. You or organization needs it to be more tailored to a tailored schedule. 

Meet with our teacher in individual sessions or invite her to your organization, group or community to teach meditation or other well-being workshops.

On the path

On the path

Values Enactment / Awake-in-Life: Zen & Crafting a Life Fully Lived

8 or 9-months Practice Program 

We invite you to participate in a program which emphasizes practices geared especially for those who live and work outside of temple or monastic settings! This program will give you the container in which to frame how you can live fully, manifesting and sharing what’s important to you with your loved ones, your community, and the planet.

Meditation & Practices

A full range of meditation and awareness-based practices ranging from Weekly Sitting Group with our Access To Zen Sangha in downtown San Francisco, Dharma talks, live Meditation Training classes, or our  virtual "Zendo Without Walls."